Published On: Wed, Aug 8th, 2018

5 snakes stolen from L’Aldea

SnakeWILLEMSTAD - In a social media post, the popular hotel/rain forest/restaurant announced that five snakes were stolen from their facilities.

“Good Morning everyone. As some of you might know, 5 snakes have been stolen from us. It has been in the news, on facebook and various people have already posted about it. The reason that we chose not to post anything about it yet, was because of the ongoing police investigation and we were advised to not say anything, as to not alert the ones responsible. However, since it has already been reported publicly, we are finally able to post, in the hopes that we can find our snakes and get them back safely.

The 5 snakes that have been stolen from us are: The Ball Python(3), Albino Python(1) and Colombian Boa(1). These snakes are not poisonous and are fairly tame. If you hear or see anything, please inform us or the police. These snakes, especially the Albino Python, need to be treated and cared for very carefully, as the Albino Python has very sensitive skin. If anyone has any information, please message or call us at 7676777. Thank You in advance for your help.”

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