Published On: Tue, Jun 9th, 2015

6 million for remodeling clinic and emergency room

EmergencyWILLEMSTAD – An investment of 6 million guilders is needed for the remodeling of the emergency room in Otrabanda. This remodeling includes a third floor where various specialists can be allocated. When the third floor is finished, it will be able to allocate about 42 specialists.

The Saint Elisabeth Hospital (SEHOS) together with the Ministry of Public Health, Nature and Environment and the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), will initiate the construction of a third floor for the Poliklinika (Emergency room).

With the construction of this third floor, SEHOS will be able to expand its services substantially. This is according to the vision presented by the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Ben Whiteman to come to an integration of specialized medical care on the island.

The construction works are planned to start in the third week of June. With the patients in mind and to minimize the impact this project has on the daily operations of the emergency room, SEHOS has opted for a pre-fabricated type of construction. All the necessary components of the third floor will be ready when shipped.

Coordination and execution of this project will be in the hands of Project Planners & Designers (PPD), which was the architects responsible for the remodeling of the emergency room in 2014.

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