Published On: Tue, Nov 12th, 2013

ADC is a vital link for the new hospital

ADCWILLEMSTAD - The Analytic Diagnostic Center (ADC) is worried about its organization when the new hospital is ready. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed for the new hospital in which certain agreements were included. One of these agreements is that the hospital will furnish its own laboratory, pathology and microbiology. Which part the ADC will play in this is not clear and is a cause for great instability with the ADC staff.

Microbiologist Liane Virginia Cova hopes that the hospital has an ear for the ADC and wants to meet with them as soon as possible. "We have indicated that we wanted to discuss some things with them last week because we provide services to the current hospital. In addition, I also received a letter from the staff in which they indicate that this uncertainty creates turmoil. During the last 95 years ​​the ADC provided services to the hospital, not only to Curaçao, but also for the BES islands and in the past for the former Netherlands Antilles."

“If our work is put to a stop it will certainly have consequences,” said Virginia-Cova. "How that is going to look like, I cannot say. The ADC is a vital link for the hospital. If we decide now to close the doors in two days the whole community will feel the consequences. I think many people do not know what is being done within our organization.” Virginia-Cova hopes that the management of the ADC can meet with the Minister and the Supervisory Board as soon as possible for more clarity and certainty within this organization and the future of the ADC staff.

By Aruna Jhagru

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