Published On: Mon, Jul 11th, 2016

After intervention union, peace between CIS and Aqualectra

AqualectraWILLEMSTAD – There is peace between Curaçao Industrial Services (CIS) and the utility company Aqualectra. This is the result of an intervention from the union UGTK/Cadmu recently. “It was a delicate situation between the two companies,” said the representative of the union, Wendell Meulens.

As was reported recently Aqualectra decided to suspend its relation with CIS. The utility company stated that they have discovered that some of the CIS employees have been stealing electricity. In an investigation, it became clear that some of the employees were manipulating with Aqualectra’s meters. Aqualectra’s management then decided to stop all CIS’ works and impose a fine of three hundred thousand guilders on the company.

CIS on its turn indicated that this is not fare. “Not because of some of the workers all 40 other employees have to stay home. They have not done anything.”

Thanks to the intervention of the union UGTK/Cadmu, now the employees are back to work. According to Meulens, he was the one who took the initiative to talk to Aqualectra and offer an apology for what had happened.

“As a union, we do not approve what happened because it harms the utility company and the community. This should not be repeated. But we do not agree that those who did not do anything have to pay for the ones who committed this act,” said Meulens.

The union leader also thanked Aqualectra’s management for their understanding and willingness to give the employees another opportunity.

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