Published On: Sat, Sep 1st, 2012

Akshon Sivil (Civil Action) repeals complaint against Public Prosecutors’ Office

WILLEMSTAD – Fundashon Akshon Sivil (Civil Action Foundation) repeals its complaint against the Prosecutor (OM). The complaint was filed because the Foundation wanted to have clarity about the Unusual Transactions (MOT) notifications concerning the Government. According to the Foundation there is clarity now.

In March the Government informed  know that OM had examined the MOT-notifications, but saw no reason for further investigation. "Shortly thereafter, the Attorney General, Mr. Dick Piar, had sent a procedural course of affairs concerning these MOT-notifications", according to the Foundation in a letter to the Ombudsman.

No investigation
According to Piar’s letter, MOT has never turned in these unusual transaction  notifications from Mr. Gerrit Schotte (current Prime Minister) to the OM and was therefore never investigated. "Given all these facts, the Foundation has received its clarification namely that the investigations never took place." The Foundation has no more interest in the complaint filed against the OM and repeals this complaint.

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