Published On: Fri, Sep 29th, 2017

Animal Protection: October fundraising month

animalsWILLEMSTAD - Stichting Dierenbescherming Curaçao (The Foundation for the Protection of Animals Curaçao) will, as usual, start their fundraising activities in October. Fundraising is much needed, as a structural subsidy from the government covering expenses of the shelter, is still unavailable.

In addition, funds are needed to cover the costs of education and mass sterilization actions to limit the population of dogs and cats. As a consequence, the situation at the shelter remains urgent; kennels are full more often than not and there is hardly any place for new animals. Adoptions luckily do occur but the number of animals arriving at the shelter (almost daily) unfortunately outweighs adoption numbers.

To illustrate, a total of 410 animals were adopted in 2016. This seems quite a lot at first but only until one looks at the total number of animals entering the shelter. In the past year, there were no less than 704. This entails high costs because all of these animals must eat, be sterilized and receive the necessary medication. Therefore, to cover these costs, each guilder counts.

Starting October 1st, the foundation will start placing collecting boxes at various locations. Think of botikas, banks and big branches like Kooyman. Boxes will be placed in the Bandabou area as well. In addition, there will be an 'active' collection of funds: in cooperation with many enthusiastic secondary school students, the foundation will be present at busy locations to gather money during the weekends. The foundation calls upon everyone to make a donation, every contribution helps!

In addition to regular fundraising, there will be various events taking place. On Sunday, October 22th, the Walk for the Animals will be held. This walk will be about 3 kilometers and dogs are encouraged to join (provided they are leashed at all times). On Friday October 27th, the foundation will organize a benefit concert with none other than popular band 'Kensington' (NL) and on Saturday, November 7th, the foundation will be holding a 'Wine & Cheese' evening.

All proceeds go directly to the Dierenbescherming. For more information on ticket sales etc. you can contact the foundation. (465 4307,,


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