Published On: Mon, Sep 10th, 2018

Another hotel in the dark: ‘Bankruptcy hotels Kura Hulanda seems inevitable’

Kura HulandaWILLEMSTAD - The utility company Aqualectra announced that today it will shut down both hotels of Kura Hulanda from water and electricity. The hotels still had the time last weekend to accommodate their guests elsewhere.

The management says it will do everything to try and save the hotels, but that seems to be an impossible task. If the closure continues, there will be no turnover from Monday and invoices from suppliers and wages for the employees cannot be paid. The bankruptcy is then near.

The hotels in Otrobanda and Playa Kalki on Westpunt have payment arrears of almost three million guilders at the electricity and water company. Aqualectra now wants to recover at least 750,000 guilders.

Initially, the deadline for this was yesterday, but the utility company gave the hotels the time to offer the guests alternative accommodations.

According to a reliable source, there are investors ready to buy the hotels and continue operations. The source indicates that there are three main creditors, Giro Bank, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank and the development bank Korpodeko. Giro Bank and Maduro & Curiel’s Bank already agreed on the sale of the two hotels. Only Korpodeko has not agreed yet. The source emphasizes that there are board members in the development bank who are blocking the sale because they do not believe “these are good investors”.

“Korpodeko is blocking the sale. It is like they prefer to stagnate economic development causing people to lose their jobs. This is also a problem for the tourists staying at these hotels and forward bookings. You are hungry, they give you white bread but you say no, I want wheat bread,” said the source.

In a phone interview with the Director of the development bank, Curaçao Chronicle asked if this is true. Mr. Chesron Isidora emphatically states that Korpodeko is not blocking the sale of these two hotels. “On the contrary, we agreed with the sale but with certain conditions. The truth is that we are still waiting for answers on these conditions. No one has answered us yet,” said Isidora.

To the question of whether these conditions might be too strict, Isidora stated that they are very basic. But he did not want to comment on what these conditions are.


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