Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2012

Appeal against instructions dismissed

WILLEMSTAD – The government should continue to the end of the month with the current austerity plans. This can be concluded from a decision of the Council of State today. Curaçao received an instructions from the Kingdom’s Council of Ministers in July for to reduce 153 million guilders from its expenditures. Those plans have to be presented before September 1. Minister Plenipotentiary Sheldry Osepa appealed against these instructions. The State Council has rejected this appeal today.

Demissionary Premier Gerrit Schotte appealed shortly after the instructions. According to Schotte, the government is working on sixteen reforms and has already cut 30 million guilders. The deficit is not 160 million, but 85 million guilders according to Premier Schotte. "These instructions will not changes anything for us. We are already doing our part and this was not really necessary, "says Schotte.

Curaçao is being checked monthly by the CFT since these instructions and the Government may, as a result, request no new loans. It is unclear if the government will comply with the austerity plans before the deadline.

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