Published On: Sat, Aug 25th, 2012

Asjes suspends meeting indefinitely

WILLEMSTAD - President of Parliament Ivar Asjes suspended the parliament  meetings indefinitely. The request of the political parties PAR, PNP, FOL and Eugene Cleopa (Independent) for an election of a new president was swept aside by Asjes. The Parliament President wants no meetings called before 19th October (election day). With eleven members of Parliament in favor of the election of a new Chairman and Vice Chairman and a vote of no confidence against the Government, Asjes opted to cancel the meetings. According to the president he decides when and whether there are meetings. Asjes held a speech for more than half an hour about his powers and then closed the meeting. No Member of Parliament got to speak.

Put aside
According to PNP leader Humphrey Davelaar, Asjes is trampling on the democracy of Curacao. "The behavior of the President of Parliament and the coalition is a big problem for our rule of law. The parliament as a representative of the people is being put aside. " Davelaar really wanted consult with the Governor Frits Goedgedrag, but will first talk with his lawyers. After the political leader sorts of everything with his lawyers, he will probably still consult with the governor. "We will act," said Davelaar

PAR-fraction leader Pedro Atacho speaks of a parliamentary dictatorship. "The President of Parliament has an ironic interpretations of the law. He should resign today, since a majority of the States withdrew its support, "said Atacho. In parliament the government Schotte has no longer a majority since a few weeks ago after Dean Rozier (MFK) and Eugene Cleopa (MAN)became independent and declared themselves against the government. "The people must choose on October 19 whether they want a dictatorship or a democracy," said Atacho.

The President of Parliament suspended, earlier this month, a meeting in which PNP wanted to submit a vote for no confidence against the Government. Asjes called the motion superfluous, because elections are scheduled on October 19. "A motion makes no sense, because the government will disregard such a motion. The government can take note of the motion, adapt its policies or resign. I do not expect that the government will do the last, "said the President of Parliament at a press conference early this month.

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