Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2013

Audit Department approves SONA’s annual account 2012

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - Following an article today in a Dutch newspaper questioning the policy pursued by SONA in the use of Dutch aid money, the board of SONA just wants to issue the following statement.

SONA received an unqualified opinion on its annual accounts through 2012 from the auditors of KPMG. The audit by KPMG is being controlled again by the Dutch entity Auditdienst Rijk. KPMG and Auditdienst take different views of the interpretation of the control-protocol. USONA has worked actively to bridge those differences. In that context, for some time already some successful measures are in place for internal control in USONA and projects in progress. Consequently, meanwhile the Auditdienst Rijk recently also issued a positive opinion to discharge on the annual account 2012 of SONA.

Within the overall framework of a large number of projects only in two cases there is a suspicion that the funds are not spent entirely correct. In one of them USONA itself detected fraud. In accordance with the (U)SONA policy immediately after discovery this it was reported to the authorities and the perpetrators will have to recover the damage.

The policy of SONA (board) and USONA (administrative body) is aimed at preventing irregularities in the resources under its management. This requires effective preventive supervision of the implementation of projects. Only under strict conditions incidentally advances are granted. Entering into commitments and paying invoices is only possible after prior agreement of USONA. Per annum USONA makes about 6,000 payments in this context.

It is unfortunate that the newspaper in question has received this explanation but it has chosen deliberately not to use any part of it in the article that was published today.

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