Published On: Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

Breaking news: Police action against illegals results in two deaths

accidentWILLEMSTAD - Early this morning the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard detected an unidentified vessel on the north side of the island. A Coast Guard unit was immediately dispatched to investigate. The police was also notified.

After an extensive search, the police officers found a Honda SUV with 8 occupants. The driver of the SUV led the police on a wild chase that resulted in a violent crash. This took place on the eastern side of the island, at Kaya Mitologia to be exact.

Two of the occupants died and six were seriously injured.

There are reports that during the chase, a coast guard officer fired at the SUV and one of the occupants was hit in the head. But this has not been officially confirmed.

The officers also found drugs and weapons which were disposed of by the occupants during the chase.

The nationality of the 8 occupants has not been confirmed yet.

More information to follow.

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