Published On: Tue, Nov 3rd, 2015

Business meeting with Colombian business owners

Business meeting1WILLEMSTAD- Recently the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and CINEX, has organized here in Curaçao a business meeting with Colombian business owners. The meeting was attended by 23 business owners from Bogota, Medellin and some others at the national level, which covers the whole country. The meeting covered three days of presentations and deliberations on the investment possibilities Curaçao has to offer. During the opening, the Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Stanley Palm together with Mr. Carlos Alberto Moreno, President of the Foro de Presidentes and Mr. Willem Jonckheer, President of the Chamber of Commerce addressed the participants.

This meeting came after a Curaçao delegation consisting of representatives of CTB, ChamberBusiness meeting of Commerce and CINEX participated in the third edition of the ‘Encuentro de Lideres para Lideres’ organized by the ‘Foro de Presidentes’ at the beginning of October this year. During the ‘Encuentro de Lideres para Lideres’, the Curaçao delegation invited a group of Colombian business owners to come to Curaçao for the business meeting. The business owners who participated in the meeting are from various sectors such as, hospitality, construction, financial, communication, air transportation, food and beverage and logistics. Delegates were from companies such as Non Plus Ultra, Viva Colombia, Constructora Pijao, Fundación Bavaria, W Radio, Noticiero CM, CNN en Español and Bancolombia.

Curaçao offers a vast opportunity for investment and commerce, which was presented to the Colombian business owners. Curaçao also offers the opportunity to organize events, conferences and meetings on the island. Colombia is a very important market for Curaçao and especially now that there are no more visa requirements for Colombians to travel to the island. This makes Curaçao more attractive for Colombian business owners. There were also presentations given by CINEX, CIFA, CAP and CPA.

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