Published On: Wed, May 28th, 2014

CAP: “Priority number 1 is to offer travelers a positive experience”

AirportWILLEMSTAD - Curaçao Airport Partners’ main priority is to offer the traveler the best experience possible at the airport. Therefor CAP informs all passengers that, the moment they notice their suitcase is broken or has been opened, to immediately file a complaint at the Airline they used to fly to Curaçao. This, since the Airline is responsible for the suitcases from the moment the passenger hands them over up to and until the moment the passenger takes the suitcase of the luggage belt upon arrival at destination.

Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP), which is the private company that operates Curaçao International Airport and invests in the improvement of Airport services and facilities, understands that when a passenger goes through a bothersome ordeal, this can have a negative effect on the person’s experience in our country. That’s why CAP keeps promoting the importance of conduct and service amongst all 1500 employees of the various companies and organizations involved in the daily operations at the airport.

CAP regrets the experience of Member of Parliament Mr. Humphrey Davelaar. In such a case, the traveler can contact the Airline and file a complaint. When a person buys a ticket, this is part of the agreement made between the passenger and the Airline. The Airline is responsible for the wellbeing of the luggage up to the moment it’s returned to the traveler. Curaçao Airport Partners ensures the availability of the necessary infrastructure in order for the work to be done. CAP monitors the service of all companies operating at the airport in order to, jointly, offer the passenger an acceptable standard of service or to elevate this where necessary.

For information about the complaint procedure, passengers can contact the Airline. Curaçao Airport Partners sees the role of the airport as the face of Curaçao as a major responsibility and will continue to promote the Airport Experience to local travelers and visitors.

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