Published On: Thu, Feb 14th, 2013

Capacity Conference Caribbean kicked off in Curaçao this morning with record attendance

Capacity conference broke records this morning with more than 200 delegates present.

ctexWILLEMSTAD – This morning, for the first time, the Capacity Caribbean Conference kicked off on the island of Curaçao at the Santa Barbara Plantation resort. The two day event brings together more than 200 delegates, representing over 100 different telecommunication and service provider companies from across the world, providing them with a venue to share new ideas, and create new strategies. Curaçao’s Prime Minister Hodge welcomed delegates signaling the island’s open door policy for international companies. Mr. Hodge went on further to highlight the value of Curaçao to the region and the fact that Curaçao will soon have the most advanced data center in the region which will play host to regional businesses and carriers.

“We were overwhelmed by the turnout. This conference by far broke all records of prior conferences in the region. We look forward to a second year and thank our delegates and sponsors for making this year’s conference a reality.” said Robert Barton, Manager Capacity conferences.

Mr. Anthony de Lima, CEO and Chairman of CTEX, launched the conference with a discussion on ten trends that are reshaping the world and are creating opportunities for the region. On the topic of globalization, Mr. de Lima shared his insight that it is no longer about traditional relationships between east and west, or north and south; but rather that emerging markets and developing countries are finding it is becoming easier to do business with each other versus relying on their traditional trading partners in the developed world. Additionally, he shared that the prospects of growth in the developing markets are currently offering more up-side benefits and therefore represent a unique opportunity for investors across the globe. According to Mr. de Lima, the region can dramatically reshape and repurpose itself by leveraging a new services economy and by offering itself as a home to advanced telecommunications and technology capabilities. He also boldly explained that part of creating the new value proposition must come from establishing dependable network access points where carriers could interconnect, rather than having to go to such facilities elsewhere. This would spark a new technological revolution in the region that would enable the birth of new industry segments such as content management and development. He went on to highlight the pivotal role that data centers presently have in enabling the shift towards cloud computing and how these facilities are becoming the main artery of any new sustainable economy.

He also discussed the use of key technologies such as LTE (mobile technology), a shift in technology spending patterns, and server virtualization.

Mr. de Lima concluded his opening by recommending that carriers, the telecommunications wholesale community, and local operators expand their business and technology considerations to include the use of the developed world as a benchmark for pricing, quality of service, and availability. “CTEX is building a world-class data center in Curaçao because we realize the downstream benefits are positive for everyone-- locally, internationally and globally.  We also realize we must offer telecom services and products at a level that is equal to or better than the developed world. Our goal is to supersede traditional benchmarks and standards.” said Mr. de Lima.

The conference continues till Friday and will conclude with a golf tournament at the Old Quary golf course.

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