Published On: Wed, May 29th, 2013

Capello: ‘Don’t promote Curacao as a destination outside the hurricane belt’

hurricane-1WILLEMSTAD – In an interview with our news partners Notisia360, Fred Capello of the Curacao Meteorological Services, indicated that Curacao should not be promoted as a destination outside the hurricane belt. “We are right at the border but history has shown that Curacao can also be hit by hurricanes. If you promote the island as such, basically you are deceiving the tourists,” Capello indicated. His statement is related to the hurricane season which will start this coming Saturday.

The season runs officially from June 1 till November 30. However there were years which have seen hurricanes after the official season. 2005 is a perfect example in which all the hurricane names were used and Greek names were used.

Lately Curacao has been promoted in commercials for stay over and cruise tourism as a destination outside the Hurricane belt and this is not correct. Curacao has had experience with hurricanes in the past. On September 23, 1877, Curacao was devastated by a hurricane. Hurricane Hazel as caused major damage in 1954 and more recently in hurricane Joan in 1988 and Tomas in 2010.

For the 2013 hurricane season there are 18 storms anticipated. 9 are hurricanes and 7 major hurricanes.

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