Published On: Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

Caribbean island Curacao new hotspot for international jet set

Villa Gentil 1AMSTERDAM, WILLEMSTAD - Curacao is becoming more and more popular with the international jet set. This group of luxury hunters used to visit exclusive getaways such as Ibiza and Saint Tropez. Now, they are trying to find more exotic places, further from home. Luxury areas on Curacao are growing and new hot spots are appearing all over the island. Curacao is booming!

Europe in the tropics

Not only tourists from Europe are getting more interested in the Caribbean island, Villa Gentil 2also Americans are starting to embrace all the beauty the island has to offer. In 2007 about 47.000 Americans visited Curacao, in 2011 this number increased to more than 62.000*! Why do Americans love the island? Last summer Madison Rose (41 years old) from Philadelphia visited the island with her family, her experience:

“When I visited Curacao for the first time I didn’t really know what to expect. None of my friends had visited it before and I never really heard anything about it. As soon as we got off the airplane we absolutely loved it! The temperature is perfect (85-90oF with a refreshing breeze), most locals speak English, it’s safe to drive yourself, you can pay with American dollars, the food is great and it’s so different from all the other Caribbean islands. Compared to destinations such as the Bahamas or Bermuda, visiting Curacao is more affordable and offers reasonable prices. When walking around in Punda (Downtown Willemstad), you feel like you are walking around in a sunnier version of Amsterdam. I would describe it as ‘Europe in the tropics’. My husband, kids and I are definitely going back.”

Increasing amount of luxury hotspots

The fast growth can directly be linked to the new luxury hotels, casinos, golf courses, restaurants and beach clubs popping up all over the island. For example: Jan Thiel Village. Jan Thiel Village offers the tourist an entirely new and luxury strip with everything you love and need in walking distance: a new supermarket, casino, gym, boutiques, spa, gelato shop, car rental agency and multiple restaurants, bars and beach clubs.

“We love visiting golf courses all around the world. When visiting Curacao we played on the Old Quarry Course. This gorgeous course is situated right next to the Caribbean Ocean. Hitting some balls with that background: priceless. An absolute ‘must do’ when visiting the island.” – Jonathan Heart (58 years old) from Orlando, FL

Also the amount of hotels and beach villas is increasing incredibly fast. Last year a modern design hotel opened it’s doors and there are luxury villas with private pool and ocean view for rent. These villas are in walking distance from the popular Jan Thiel Village, but view the peaceful Caribbean ocean. Travellers who love luxury hotspots and being able to relax at the same time have come to the right place.

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*source: CBS

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