Published On: Fri, Apr 26th, 2013

CBS presents on its website information on Census 2011 on health and physical and mental limitations

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD - The Central Bureau for Statistic published new information from Census 2011 on its website. It is information relating to the health and physical and mental limitations of the population.

Some observations on the basis of the tables in the series of health and physical and mental limitations are:

• What do the people of Curaçao think of their health? In 2011 130.963 people (87%) felt that their health was good or very good. In 2001 it was 84.1 percent of the population.

• 24,302 people (16.1%) have a physical or mental disability. This group consists of 9,684 men and 14,618 women. As age increases, the number of people with limitations also increases. In the age group 25-59 years, a 13 percent reduction. For persons 60 years and older is 40 percent.

• Some restrictions can be specified as follows: 10,952 persons (7.3%) have vision problems, 9,988 people (6.6%) problems with walking and 7,228 persons (4.8%) with memory or concentration.

• Among persons with disabilities (24,302) is 61 percent (14,846 persons) thinks that their health is good to very good. In persons without disabilities (126 261) is 92 percent (116 117 persons) thinks that their health is good to very good.

The three most common diseases are: high blood pressure: 21,162 (14.1%) persons, diabetes: 9,636 (6.4%) persons and asthma / chronic bronchitis / COPD: 6,859 (4.6%) individuals.

• 16,400 people aged 16 and older smoke occasionally or daily (14%). There are twice more men (10,970) than women who smoke (5430).

• In 2011, 145.154 persons (96.4%) had health insurance; 3964 persons (2.6%) had no insurance and 1445 persons (1%) was not known if they had health insurance. In 2001 10.071 people (7.7%) had no health insurance.

Every two weeks, CBS will publish new tables with information from the 2011 Census on their website. At a later time all tables will be compiled in a Census Publication.


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