Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

CBS starts with the Social Cohesion research for the first time in Curaçao

Curacao statisticsWILLEMSTAD - Starting Friday, November 6th interviewers of the Central Bureau of Statistics Curaçao (CBS) will visit around 3600 households in the context of the research Social Cohesion that the CBS will carry for the first time on the island. This research will be conducted until January 18, 2016.

CBS hopes with this research to receive data on such matters as how it is with the citizens of Curaçao with regard to the sense of belonging, social responsibility and commitment to the community. The questionnaire is related to the perceptions and opinions of people about, among others; How people experience their quality of life, how is it with the trust in others and in institutions, how it is with the political participation and willingness of people to take action, whether we accept others in the community, the possibility to get ahead in this society, what about the relationships between people in different areas and how it is with the values ​​on the island.

All households who will be part of the research have received a letter and a leaflet from the CBS explaining the investigation and stating that an interviewer from CBS between will come to their house between November 6 and January 18, 2016 to ask some questions. From each household one person will be selected to participate in the research. The person should be 18 or older.

All interviewers have a badge with their data / photo / logo of CBS and the signature of the director of the CBS. The interviewers must identify themselves at the time of the visit. You can always call CBS to verify if there is currently an investigation is in progress and verify the name of the interviewer. The telephone number of the CBS for this is: 4626226 or 4626227.

It is very important that Curaçao has updated statistical information on various topics on which this research is based, but also other surveys done by the CBS. Therefore, the CBS asks for the full cooperation of the households for the success of this research. CBS wants to thank all households in advance.

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