Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2016

Christmas decoration vandalized once again

christmas-decorationsWILLEMSTAD – The Christmas decorations in downtown are in the news again. This time, the decorations in Wilhelmina square in Punda have been vandalized. This is according to the utility company Aqualectra through their social media. The company indicated with a picture that one of the columns has been overturned.

To overturn this column much strength is needed. They are about one and a half meters high. According to Aqualectra the vandalism was committed by several people. It’s not the first time this year that the Christmas lights are tackled by vandals.

Earlier the train, which is also on the Whilhelmina square, was vandalized. Children snapped off the links between the waggons. Later, it was the decoration on Brion square in Otrabanda. The festively illuminated reindeer were vandalized. Aqualectra condemned the vandalism and pleads to the people to take care of these decorations so that everyone can enjoy them.

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