Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2013

Circkens: ‘Minister Palm did not inform us of any arrangement with CTB-Director’

CTBWILLEMSTAD – Curacao Tourism Development Foundation (CTDF)-chairman Tarzeno ‘Zeno’ Circkens confirmed that there is a meeting scheduled with the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Stanley Palm. According to Circkens he was not informed of the minister’s intention to strive for an arrangement between the CTDF and the Tourism Bureau’s (CTB) Director Ghatim Kabarra. “So far we’re not informed of the agenda items but I suspect that the minister will elaborate on his plans. In any case the board has been busy with Mr. Kabbara since July 1st, whereby a committee of two board members of CTDF led the negotiations. At the minister’s request the board has attempted to make an agreement since July 1st by making an offer. Mr. Kabbara’s counter proposal was finally discussed during the meeting of the Board of Commissioners on August 1st where it was decided not to accept such but continue with the request for dismissal”, said the CTDF-chairman, who added this required the minister’s approval.

“For that matter we already got the minister’s blessing for dismissal on July 17th. It must be clear that the board’s intention for dismissal was based on the Mr. Kabbara’s functioning throughout his term of ices at CTB, since April 2011. Our decision was based on the contents of a thick dossier. In conformity with its articles of association and the relevant procedures CTDF followed the entire process and gave Mr. Kabbara several opportunities to defend himself both in writing and orally. For instance, on August 23rd Mr. Kabbara was given the chance to defend himself orally (as well as in writing), but chose not to. Eventually we set a deadline on August 26th for reaction whereupon the written defense was received. Also this is included in the dossier”, Circkens said.

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