Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

CITRO twice in action

2017-catamaran-op-sleep-Foto-CITROWILLEMSTAD - A passenger ship with 57 tourists aboard got in trouble on Wednesday afternoon on its way from Klein Curaçao to Curaçao. They alerted the Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) that in turn requested assistance from CITRO.

Adrift and on 1 engine, it was located a few hundred meters from the coast near the East point of Curaçao. Around 17.20, the rescue boat Dick Braakman left for the East point, followed 10 minutes later by the other rescue boat C-Rescue1.

Just before 18:00, both lifeboats reached the ship, which managed to stay far from the rocks with a half-rotating engine. After some time the Dick Braakman was able to tow the ship to safe water.

The C-Rescue1 continued to observe the situation and about an hour later, the ship was safe at Barbara's pier with the help of both rescue boats.

On Thursday afternoon, the CITRO came in action again after a sailing yacht had problems with its engine. They requested assistance in entering Spanish waters. The rescue boat took the 62-foot yacht offshore on tow and then safely entered the Spanish Water.

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