Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2013

Clarification relationship Radcomm Corporation and Smart Play in Sint Maarten

UTSWILLEMSTAD - UTS has taken note of questions that were raised in the media regarding the relationship between UTS, Radcomm and Smart Play. This is in connection with the offer of participation in lotteries via SMS by Smart Play.

Please refer to the press release (No 1 of 3) (Main news) in which UTS states its position and that of its subsidiaries as telecommunications providers if third parties offers services via SMS on the UTS network.

Mobile concessionaire Radcomm Corporation Inc., based in St. Maarten is a wholly owned subsidiary of UTS Inc. in Curacao. Radcomm has a contractual agreement since 2008 with service provider Smart Play, which is also located on St. Maarten, for the purchase of the Premium SMS Service. As lottery service provider, Smart Play has the contractual ability to offer to end users, who have a chippie mobile, SMS lottery services.

UTS is responsible for the functioning of the telecommunications infrastructure or the Premium SMS service it offers to Play Smart. Smart Play is in turn responsible for the content or the possibility to participate in lotteries via SMS which it offers to the end user.

Radcomm Corporation Inc., just as some other UTS subsidiaries, partly uses the network and services of other companies within the UTS group, there are relevant intercompany agreements between Radcomm and UTS.

Smart Play, as a content provider, is responsible for the service it provides to the end user via SMS on the UTS network. UTS, Radcomm Corporation Inc., or other UTS subsidiaries are not at all involved other than as a telecommunications provider. They offer no services other than those network services and related administrative services.

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