Published On: Wed, Nov 25th, 2015

Coast Guard Officers arrested

Coast GuardWILLEMSTAD – The leadership of the Coast Guard has indicated some time ago that there are presumably employees of the Coast Guard that are involved in the commission of criminal offenses, including leaking information to criminals. This information was confirmed from other sources.

After evaluating this information, the Public Prosecutor (OM) gave instructions in May this year to the State Investigation Team to start investigating this case. This case was dubbed “Baywatch” and was conducted by the State Investigation Team together with the Dutch National Police and the Royal Military Police, with the assistance of the Curaçao Police Corps (KPC) and the Criminal Investigation Team (RST). During the investigation it was also revealed that there had been other offenses, including involvement in the import of drugs.

Today, November 25, 2015, there were, in the context of this investigation in Curaçao, seven arrests made.

The arrested suspects are:

  • Ms. T.N.S.R., 29 years old,
  • Ms. N.F.T.R., 21 years old,
  • Mr. W.A.W., 34 years old,
  • Mr. O.E.S., 32 years old,
  • Mr. R.H.E.F., 32 years old,
  • Mr. Z.S.H.D., 29 years old
  • Mr. M.P.B., 31 years old

Among the suspects arrested there are three employees of the Coast Guard and a former Coast Guard Officer. They are suspected of corruption, money laundering and breach of the Opium Ordinance.

Led by the magistrate house searches are done on fourteen (14) addresses scattered throughout the island. During the raids are a firearm, a significant amount of cash money, documents, laptops and telephones were confiscated. There were also a number of ecstasy pills confiscated at one of the addresses.

The suspects will be arraigned this coming Friday before a Judge.

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