Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

Confiscated gold costs owner in Dubai $20-30,000 per day

ipo0Smuggle_goldORANJESTAD, WILLEMSTAD - Last Friday, an interesting case was treated in the Court of Justice in Aruba.

This concerned a case related to the detention of the man who was arrested at Aruba airport with 50 kilos of gold with a value of approximately USD 2.1 million.

The present case was enacted by Paoro Armored Transport Aruba N.V. (PAORO), a company that has been involved with transport for 7 years, including gold bars via Aruba, Belgium, the Netherlands or the USA, to Dubai.

PAORO has the law firm Mr. Helen Lejuez to represent her against the country of Aruba.

Mr. Lejuez stated that Paoro's employee is unlawfully held on suspicion of money laundering and forgery, while the gold is seized without a legitimate ground.

According to Paoro, they received an order on February 6 to collect the gold bars in Maracaibo on February 9, for transport to Dubai via Aruba and the Netherlands.

Upon arrival at the airport, the person who had the gold with him was picked up by Paoro's director as usual. And they have submitted everything at customs. Where customs in turn counts everything and performs necessary actions.

Oro Azul C.A. is the company with which they trade. And according to the lawyer, he has a Venezuelan government decree that it is legal.

Mr. Lejuez indicates that the value of the gold is $ 2,130.693 and that the actions of the police and the public prosecutor are costing the owner of the gold in Dubai between USD 20,000 and 30,000 per day, because he does not have the gold in his possession. . The client in Dubai also runs the chance to lose his contract with an Italian company, who uses the gold to make jewelry out of it.

According to the lawyer, there has been a ministerial regulation since 2012 that does not state anywhere that importing gold from Venezuela is illegal. According to the lawyer of the company which arranges the transportation and transfer of the gold, there is therefore no violation of law or accusation of money laundering or gold smuggling. They have been doing this for years.

And if there is evidence of illegal trade, investigation must be conducted into the involvement of the Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Dubai, according to the lawyer.

According to the lawyer, answers from Undersecretary for the Interior and Kingdom Affairs Raymond Knops to questions by the Dutch Lower House about possible gold smuggling, show that there is no question of illegal gold exports from Curaçao or Aruba, but a transfer of gold that was legally purchased.

That is why Paoro has instituted a summary procedure through the law firm of Helen Lejeuz asking for the gold bars to be returned immediately so that the gold can be transferred to Dubai as quickly as possible.



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