Published On: Thu, Aug 30th, 2018

Construction Hospital Nobo Otrobanda will cost 200 million guilders more

hospitalWILLEMSTAD - The construction of the Hospital Nobo Otrobanda (new hospital) will cost about 200 million guilders extra. The board of the hospital under construction reported this in a press release. Initially, 421 million guilders were borrowed from the Dutch government for construction.

During the construction, local circumstances and events showed that the budget was not sufficient. That was already stated in the report from April last year 'Interim Evaluation HNO' that was presented to parliament by former Minister of Health Sisline Girigoria. In it, financing organization Sona calculated that there was a deficit of 74 million guilders.

The board of the HNO has now announced that it is much higher. This is partly because the HNO was originally planned on the Amstel terrain, which could be delivered ready for construction so that Ballast Nedam could start immediately. After that, the next government decided that the hospital should be located in Otrobanda, where much still had to be done in order to start.

For example, shopkeepers had to be bought out from the north side of the Colon shopping center, which was then demolished. Buildings on the old hospital site also had to be demolished and departments moved. In addition, the complete rearrangement of the infrastructure in terms of water, electricity and telecommunications and the rearrangement of the Hamelbergweg were also drastic.

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