Published On: Tue, Sep 16th, 2014

Criticism Green Force on contribution Curaçao to Parlatino’s marine environmental protection law

SelikorWILLEMSTAD - Green Force believes that it is a step in the right direction that a law has been approved for the protection of the marine environment by the Parliament of Latin American countries. But the environment and recycling company points out one critical issue when it comes down to Curaçao.

"Isn’t it quite hypocritical of us to join while there are no laws in our own country to protect mangroves, underwater environment and / or coral reefs?” Timo Bouwer, owner of Green Force, asked.

Let's not forget that Green Force and other environmental organizations each year, on the International Mangrove Day, are advocating for the full protection of these plants. Curacao has lost between 60 to 80% of its mangroves to non-sustainable development of the coastal area and inland waters.

Furthermore, the company strongly criticized the fact that Curaçao is violating two international treaties with the illegal discharge on the northSelikor2 side, namely MARPOL (Maritime Policies) where the dumping of waste in the water is discussed and the Treaty of Cartagena in which the parties commit themselves to the protection and development of the marine environment. Are we now waiting for this Parlatino law to break it?

Lastly the environmental company could argue that Curaçao does not enjoy an adequate sewage and water treatment system and thereby continuously pollutes coastal waters.

Selikor3Why are we spending energy, time and public money on traveling to Parlatino and SIDS conference in Samoa if we cannot get things in order here? Brouwer asked. We do not have to go to such places to be informed about what we are doing wrong and what can or should do. There are already information from experts and organizations that are present on the island. What we lack is decisiveness and solutions on the part of the government.

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