Published On: Mon, Jan 12th, 2015

CTEX response to latest press coverage

CTEXdatacenterWILLEMSTAD - CTEX has taken notice of publications in the media on Saturday, January 10. During the period 2010 to first half of 2011, prior to launching CTEX, various external firms and ex-associates were involved in developing parts of the business plan and evaluating potential client opportunities to establish a datacenter in Curaçao. Mr. de Lima’s primary focus was on the financial structuring of the company while activities to identify potential market opportunties were handled by others in the U.S.

The financial structuring of the company entailed working with potential investors, lenders and others. Mr. de Lima relied on third parties and ex-associates to identify potential client interests. At no point did Mr. de Lima source any intent letters from any companies. This was a task outsourced to third parties. Furthermore, in order to ensure the validity of information and the plan, as multiple parties had worked on the plan, and to ensure the reasonableness of assumptions, Mr. de Lima hired a third party auditing firm to review the completeness and accuracy of the business plan prior to engaging with potential lenders and investors. No irregularities were  identified and no reasons were noted then or now, that any assumptions contained in the plan were or are inaccurate.

Following CTEX’s official opening in March 2014, the company has been actively working with partners and vendors having close relationships with Fortune 500 companies with operations in Latin America and the Caribbean to effectively position CTEX and its services. Initial intent letters were never pursued as the years had gone by since they were initially submitted and were not part of the company’s final go to market strategy, which focuses on customers with operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. Too, initial intent letters never encompassed binding financial commitments for services and/or fees and thus were not considered material. CTEX chose to rely on vendors with whom it had built a strong relationship during the construction phase to approach various companies including several noted in the intent letters. Nevertheless, CTEX will investigate this matter further.

“We are presently onboarding critical customers as the company continues to grow its revenue base while at the same time evaluating various options to restructure its finances to address urgent short-term and long-term liabilities,” said Anthony de Lima, CTEX’s Chairman & CEO.

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