Published On: Mon, Aug 25th, 2014

Curaçao accord with condition Suriname for open skies

InselAirWILLEMSTAD – Suriname wants all restrictions in the air lifted before the Curacao Company InselAir gets permission to fly directly from Aruba to Suriname. Curaçao has announced to the Surinamese government to agree to this condition.

"It just has to be clear to us whether Curaçao is authorized to make such agreements, because it's part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,” Gerard Brunings, presidential adviser for aviation said during an interview with the Surinamese newspaper De Ware Tijd.

Brunings unsure about this because last year the Netherlands announced that it had no interest in a full open skies arrangement with Suriname. The aviation agreement for flights between Schiphol and Zanderij has no room for aviation companies outside the Netherlands and Suriname to directly connect the two airports together.

According to Brunings, the Surinamese government wants as many open skies treaties. InselAir may not have taken notice that the aviation agreement between Willemstad and Paramaribo is very limited and does not include the rest of the former Antilles. The company launched its Aruba-Suriname-route without a green light from Suriname. The Surinamese aviation authorities have stopped this route operation until more rights are given to Surinamese companies.

InselAir was therefore forced to launch its Aruba-Suriname route with a stopover in Curacao. This resulted in financial losses and serious delays for its passengers. Now that Curaçao is ready to agree on an open sky, Suriname is willing to conditionally agree on a direct flight between Aruba and Suriname.

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