Published On: Tue, May 28th, 2013

Curaçao Airport scene for replacement engine of Airbus 330-200 of Brazilian Airline TAM

WILLEMSTAD – The platform of the CuraçaoAirport was the scene of a spectacular change of engine of an Airbus 330-200 of the Brazilian airline TAM last Sunday.  The aircraft, just after taken off last week from the Caracas airport, confronted engine trouble.  The captain decided not to return to Caracas but to continue its flight to Curacao where it became obviously that the troubled engine needed to be replaced.

The change of the old engine to the new engine occurred right on the platform of our airport after the new engine was flown in with a Boeing 747-400 Cargo of Southern Airlines.

This operation provided for some spectacular scenes right on the platform of our airport.

Curaçao Airport Partners is proud of our airport to have facilitated and provided the platform for this most interesting operation.  The TAM A-330-220 returned to Brazil the very next day after the successful change of engine at our international airport.

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