Published On: Mon, Jul 30th, 2018

Curaçao Chinese School excels at Jiangmen City summer camp

Chinese schoolWILLEMSTAD, JIANGMEN - Curaçao was once again well represented at the yearly summer camp activities in the series of Youth China held by Jiangmen City Government and TV station. The Curaçao team consisted of students of the local Chinese school.

The Curaçao team did an extraordinary job, especially during the China Poetry Contest. Here the local team won from the American Elite Chinese School. Feng Yayi won the "Best Stage Performance Award" in this competition.

During an interview with TV reporters, Chen Hailin, Wu Wenting and other students expressed that the poetryChinese school1 contest also increased their understanding and interest in the Chinese culture. Which in turn increased their love for it.

Curaçao Chinese School was founded four years ago with a group of Chinese children from the local community. The majority of the children were born in Curaçao. They did not speak a word of Putonghua (Mandarin) nor did they know anything about the Chinese culture. They had to start 'from scratch’ learning the Pinyin method of Putonghua and learning how to write Chinese. Nevertheless, the school demonstrated their capability in this particular competition. They showed that with a correct school management, determination, hard work and relentless pursuit of the goals everyone can become an elite.

The director of The Chinese School of Curaçao, Mr. Peter Wong said: "We achieved such fruitful results. First of all, we must be grateful to the leadership of the Communist Party of China. We are grateful that our overseas Chinese were able to share the reform and opening up policy of the motherland and brought us all the benefits. In the four years since our school has been founded, the state has been sending highly qualified volunteer teachers to us, sending us books, providing teaching aids, and made the necessary arrangements for our children to go to China to participate in this summer camp activities. These deeply reflect the country's care and love for the overseas Chinese, and at the same time let us feel a kind of our mother's warmth.”

Chinese school2Mr. Wong also stated that they very grateful to the volunteer teachers who have left their hometowns and relatives and who have come to teach far away from home. “They bring the care of the people of the motherland, carry the burden of the motherland, and put the mission of overseas Chinese to inherit Chinese culture into practice. This noble morality is fully affirmed in the ‘Recognition Award’ for the volunteer teacher Li Yifeng, who just finished her term at the school and she returned to her post in China as vice-director of a school for mid-level education.”

The Director of the Curaçao Chinese School reiterated that they will certainly not stop here. After the selection and interview of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, they will send a new volunteer teacher, Miss Ke Xiaoling, for the upcoming school year. She is also a versatile and outstanding teacher and is currently undergoing relevant procedures for immigration.

Teacher Ke Xiaoling gave up her leisure time recently and made a special trip to Jiangmen City to meet with Teacher Li Yifeng in order to learn more about her future obligations in Curaçao.

Mr Peter Wong added: “I hope that under the leadership of the Curaçao Chinese Club, with the support and efforts of the volunteer teachers, teaching assistants, students and parents, we will definitely create a new perspective for the Chinese children on the island.”

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