Published On: Thu, May 2nd, 2013

Curaçao Night at de Young Museum in San Francisco!

Curacao in San FranciscoBon Biní! Welcome!
We are Natasha Chatlein, Susanne Capello and Erika Römer, 3 Driven Yu’i Korsou living on the West Coast, whose hearts are forever stuck in Curaçao, and Allan Chatlein, aka Bosley,our tireless partner in crime, actually on the frontline on our Dushi Korsou.

Curaçao Night at de Young Museum in the great City by the Bay! 
How exciting is this? Especially since there are so few of us Curaçao folk here… We are always looking for ways to share our culture. As part of the Dutch Golden Age exhibition “Girl with A Pearl Earring”, from the Mauritshuis in the Hague, the de Young Museum will host a series of six “Orange Nights at the de Young”, a play on their “Friday Nights at the de Young”. Each Orange Night has its own theme, and Curaçao Night at de Young on Friday, May 17th, is one of them!!

Curaçao Night is a unique opportunity to showcase Curaçao culture through art, music, dance and food in a state-of-the-art, culturally significant, world class museum: the de Young Museum. The de Young is the 6th most visited museum in the US, and the number 1 most visited museum west of the Mississippi.

We’ve put our heads together to brainstorm how to best share our vibrant and colorful culture through art, dance, music and food. We’re bringing Curaçao’s most fun performers and artists to get San Francisco up out of their seats and dancing in no time to our infectious rhythms, melodic jazz and with whirling dancers from dance group Futuro i Memoria di Korsou! Eric Calmes, Jean Jacques Rojer, Vernon Chatlein, Monica Mao-Cheia, Roel Calister, Marvin Snijder, all Curaçao natives, and all amazing musicians, singers and/or songwriters, are donating their time to come delight San Francisco with a Curaçao teaser. Photographers Bea Moedt and Brett Russel have graciously agreed to showcase their photography, and Andre Nagtegaal, Garrick Marchena, and Serena Janet Israel are also putting their fabulous art on display. Cenaida van Dinter will be tying beautiful traditional headscarves (Lensu di Kabes) for those who have 5 minutes to enjoy this dying art and take home a piece of our culture.

The menu at the de Young Café will boast yummy Curaçao foods, such as stobá di kabritu (goat stew), funchi (our polenta), banana hasá (fried plantain), tutu (sweet polenta), keshi yená (stuffed cheese) and bolo pretu (a scandalously decadent alcohol infused cake), just to name a few. Can you tell we get excited about food? And you’ve learned some Papiamentu already!

We Are Almost There, BUT WE NEED YOU!
At the very last minute, one of our much anticipated funders failed to come through.
Do not fear, because in true Silicon Valley style, we will continue to be innovative and will crowdfund the heck out of this event (hey, we’ve learned from the best). Especially after all the time, heart and soul we poured into it. What better way to give everyone a stake in this awesome project!
We need $10,000 to make this happen.

Your Donation and What it Will Accomplish
No matter what amount you donate, your funding will facilitate:

Tickets to fly in artists and performers. 
Hey, Natasha, Susanne and Erika would love to don all those fancy dresses and teach people in San Francisco how to dance, get behind the drums and instruct them to shake it, and serve them authentic Curaçao Liqueur, but there just ain’t enough of us to go around!

Accommodations for artists and performers.

A la Curaçao Style we would host everyone in our homes. However, with the tiny houses and cramped spaces here in San Francisco, we will feel like “Sardinchi den Bleki”.
Besides, these amazing artists and performers are donating their time to help us realize the event. Add jetlags, short time in San Francisco and wanting each and every person to feel comfortable, rested and at their best - we think they
deserve some more space.

Event logistics and design
If we could do the Mary Poppins, and have everything done with a snap of our fingers we could just be relaxing in the park, sipping on our Margaritas. But Mary Poppins we are not, so we have to work hard at event logistics and design: building performance stage, procure instruments, take care of AV and media installations to showcase artworks, transportation to and from airport, the venue and accommodation, and so much more.


Donate any amount up to $100:
Our eternal gratitude. Congratulations: you are officially part of Team Curacao!

Donate $100 or more
Our eternal gratitude, plus bragging rights as a “Curacao Promoter”

Donate $500 or more
Our eternal gratitude, plus bragging rights as a “Curacao Ambassador”

Donate $1,000 or more
Our eternal gratitude, plus bragging rights as a “Curaçao Guardian Angel”

Donate $5,000 or more
Our eternal gratitude, we are speechless, and you’re crowned our Curaçao Prince or Princess and mentioned as a main sponsor of this historic event

Donate $7,500 or more
Our eternal gratitude, we are floored (happily), and you’re crowned our Curaçao King or Queen and mentioned as a main sponsor of this historic event

You are awesome to unite with us! Thank you for your time and support! Spread the word! Share this page with everyone you know! Together, we can make a difference.

For more information on how to donate please click here 

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