Published On: Wed, Nov 6th, 2013

Customary meeting between Dean and Consul General of China

MeetingWILLEMSTAD -- Helga Mensing, dean of the Consular Corps of Curaçao met recently officially with the consul general of the People’s Republic of China Chen Qiman.

The consul general and consul Zhang Huixun arrived last October 8 to represent their country in Curaçao. It is the first time that the People’s Republic of China has a consular representation in Curaçao. It is a custom for new consuls to make a courtesy visit to the dean in Curaçao. Mrs. Mensing, who is also the honorary consul of Finland in Curaçao, gave Mrs. Qiman during this visit an official introduction to Curaçao presenting her with the statutes and the bylaws of the Consular Corps of Curaçao, necessary information for a consul and other information and the activities of the Consular Corps in Curaçao. Consul general Qiman had many questions and after that expressed her gratitude for the obtained information and she said that she liked how visibly developed Curaçao is. She also expressed her gratitude for being in Curaçao and at the same moment knows that she will be getting the necessary cooperation in order to be able to also meet with their responsibilities based on the information she just received. Why a consulate When countries recognize each other as sovereign states they will open an embassy in that country to maintain their foreign relations and to assist their citizens travelling abroad. In the case of Curaçao embassies of befriended countries are mostly in the Netherlands, the one responsible for our Foreign Relations. Consuls in Curaçao handle more regular diplomatic affairs, intermediating for visa, assistance in commercial relations; attend immigrants, tourists and expatriates. Both consul general and consul of the People’s Republic of China Chen Qiman and Zhang Huixun are career consuls, contrary to the majority of the consuls in Curaçao who, based on their contacts in the community and professional relationships are honorary consuls for a country. Helga Mensing looks back at a pleasant meeting with the representative of the People’s Republic of China. ‘It is very important to have a good relationship between the consuls on the island of Curaçao considering the importance of good relationship between countries in the world and people in Curaçao (wherever they are from), to be able to live without any problem in Curaçao’, according to the dean.

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