Published On: Mon, Mar 11th, 2013

DAE has to wait till May for authorities to inspect its aircraft

Despite numerous investments to expand its fleet and offer a better service to its passengers, DAE has to wait till May for authorities to inspect its aircraft.

DAEWILLEMSTAD – The local aviation company DAE is excited because last Saturday they’ve added an aircraft ATR-72 with a capacity of 64 passengers to their fleet. Also DAE is pending the arrival of another aircraft of the same type at the end of this month, but it seems that all this is in vain because they aircrafts cannot be used for now.

Information that EXTRA has received at the airport says that DAE and other aviation companies are doing major investments to add more aircrafts which can procure for better services to the passengers. However Curacao aviation is confronting a major problem in the sense that it doesn’t matter how many aircrafts you get, the companies won’t be able to operate them before aviation authorities have done their inspection. EXTRA has understood that now the concerned department has only two inspectors and they are extremely busy. There is a long list of commitments which means that DAE’s aircraft which arrived on Saturday will have to wait till May. During that time, the aircraft cannot be used. There are indications that those concerned were approached to see how DAE can receive assistance with this issue but there were no clear answers. In any case, the aviation situation, the tourism and economic development in Curacao are stagnated because of this issue. Minister Balborda was not available for comments.

Source: Local newspaper EXTRA

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