Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2016

Dams suffer damage during storms

damsWILLEMSTAD – The Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature, assessed the damage after a particularly wet weekend by heavy rains. Even now there is still a code orange in place, which warns of severe thunderstorms.

The crisis team of the government informs that several dams are damaged. Especially Bandabou (western side of the island) has had to deal with heavy rainfall; according to figures from the Meteorological Department, there were almost centimetres. During the inspection, the Ministry noted that the dam at Lagun has suffered heavy damage. This dam will be repaired next year.

At Kloof, along the road to West Point, several dead trees fell causing nuisance. The dam there is still in relatively good condition; its dripping a little but it is stable. The dam at Sumbu is still in good condition, but the walls were not high enough to contain the enormous quantity of water. Public Works is going to address the issue.

The other dams, to include Santa Cruz, Jan Kok, Wambo, Zuikertuintje and Caracasbaaiweg have withstood the rain.

By Anneke Polak (Caribisch Netwerk)

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