Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018

Dead Venezuelans were previously deported from Curaçao

IMG_004WILLEMSTAD - Three of the four Venezuelans who were found dead on the coast of Curaçao last Wednesday were deported at the end of last year because they were staying illegally on the island. That is what the local authorities have announced.

According to Venezuelan media, they were part of a larger group of young people who tried to make the crossing of about 70 kilometers from Venezuela at the beginning of this week.

On Thursday, local authorities searched for more bodies of people who would have died in a boat disaster between Curaçao and Venezuela. However, the Coast Guard did not find anything. A total of four bodies, two men and two women, have been recovered. Two still living men have been arrested on the coast.

The case caused a stir in Curaçao and further fueled the discussion about illegal immigrants. In 2017, three hundred people were arrested who wanted to enter the country illegally from Venezuela. In 2016 there were only sixty.

Photo: What's left from the boat used by the Venezuelans

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