Published On: Sat, Jan 26th, 2013

Delay in Arrival of Aircraft due to unfortunate situation in Immigration And baggage reclaiming hall solved

WILLEMSTAD – The arrival of some flights at our airport had to be delayed on Friday January 25 afternoon due to a temporary closure of the immigrations and customs hall. Unfortunate misunderstanding in maintains of the air-conditioning system caused discomfort for personnel of various entities in the arrival hall. The security of passengers or staff was never in danger at any point and departure of flights continued normally at the airport.  Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) hereby clarifies the situation and apologize for the discomfort caused

As is the cases with any air-condition system the airport's air-condition system needs to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. The cleaning of such a system can result in an unpleasant smell in the building. The smell is not toxic but can be cause discomfort for both passengers as employees. The cleaning therefore is carried out during the night normally.

Unfortunately a unit that supplies cold air to the airport's immigration hall and the baggage reclaiming hall which was scheduled for cleaning after working hours was cleaned during the day due to a misunderstanding . An unpleasant, however non-toxic smell developed in these areas. CAP immediately reacted by ventilating the hall with large industrial blowers in order to eas the situation for the employees of the immigration and customs,

Furthermore in order to lessen the discomfort for the employees concerned it was decided, in close cooperation with the unions of immigrations and customs, that only the two large flights at that time (KLM and ArkeFly) would be handled. The arrival of further flights thereafter was delayed until the situation had improved.

Two doctors of the government hygiene department were requested to make an assessment of the situation in order to assure that no health and safety risk existed for the employees or passengers. Both declared the facilities ready for reuse so normal operation resumed thereafter. The security of the airport was never affected at any time during this situation and only the arrival of aircraft was influenced, while departure of flights continued normally.

CAP would like to thank the government entities and the unions and involved for their cooperation in this unusual situation and apologizes for the discomfort. CAP will take all measures necessary to avoid recurrence of such a situation.

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