Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2013

DHL Express delivers on green energy project

DHL in CuracaoWILLEMSTAD – DHL Express has recently completed the first phase of a renewable energy project which will have a major impact on the environment and by extension, the economy of Curaçao.  In July of this year, the company, a leader in global logistics and delivery services, completed the initial stage of the renewable energy project, which will reduce its CO2 emissions by 2,911kg for the remainder of 2013. The project involved DHL installing solar panels which will convert the sun’s rays into usable energy by the company. The first phase of the project has provided DHL with immediate electricity consumption savings of close to 50% and allows the company to provide a more efficient, environmentally friendly service to its customers.

Panels[13]The DHL renewable energy project takes advantage of a 2012 legislative provision which allows individuals and private companies to generate electrical power themselves. Under this provision, up to 30% of the total grid production can be generated by individuals and private companies.  After the legislative change in 2012, the regional Procurement and Finance Team, supported by Mr. Reiner Wolfs, Caribbean Vice President of DHL, gave a resounding “green” light to the renewable energy project. Within a few weeks, the first stage of the project was completed.

Juan Manuel Vasquez, Country Manager of DHL Express in Curaçao, said the move to a renewable energy platform is in line with the brand’s global “Go Green” initiative.  “This new investment makes our whole team very proud; we are very happy to be not only the market leader in terms of market share, but also in taking initiatives to enhance our Corporate Responsibility position in Curaçao.  This is the perfect 25th anniversary gift from DHL to our community!” said Vasquez.

DHL has operated in Curaçao since June 1988 and has made strong investments in the country, helping to drive the local economy by providing reliable delivery services to persons shipping to and from the country. By the end of January 2014, the second stage of this project is expected to be completed, allowing DHL Express in Curaçao to become the first DHL entity in the Caribbean (and one of the first in the Americas) to source 100% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources.  This completed project is also projected to bring estimated savings of around 200K to the Company.  DHL anticipates that when the project has been fully implemented, the yearly reduction in CO2 emissions will be approximately 12,702kg per year.

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