Published On: Tue, Sep 11th, 2012

(Disputed) President of Parliament continued with opening parliamentary year

WILLEMSTAD –  (Disputed) President of Parliament Ivar Asjes has closed and opened the new parliamentary year this morning. According to Asjes it is stated in the Rules of Procedure of Parliament that it is possible to proceed with this ceremony without a majority in Parliament. Only regular and public meetings are not possible without the majority present in Parliament.

The Group of Twelve was, as expected, not present in Parliament today. Eleven States members have, last night, during a self welded Assembly, in the old Parliament building on the  Wilhelmina plaza, deposed President of Parliament, Ivar Asjes and vice-president Amerigo Thode. Former MFK member Dean Rozier has been appointed as President and FOL leader Anthony Godett as vice-chairman. Godett will initially assume the presidency because Rozier is out of country.

Constitutional responsibilities
Demissionary Premier Gerrit Schotte gave the opening speech in the place of Governor Frits Goedgedrag, who was absent because the elections are coming soon. "I stand before you today in my capacity as demissionary Prime Minister of Curaçao, with the sole purpose on behalf of the government to comply with Article 54 of the State regulations. This is a constitutional requirement that the government and which must be met, as Schotte began his speech this morning.

The meeting took place outside the parliament and it is still unclear whether the meeting has a legal basis. The members of Parliament, who call themselves "Grupo 12 ', base themselves in their own words on Rules of Procedure of Parliament of Curaçao: Unforeseen circumstances, Article 120. "In cases where the regulations or any other laws do not provide, the majority of the members decide."

But according to Asjes the meeting last night was not legal, because the meeting was not called "by the legally appointed parliamentary speaker. "The Rules of Procedure does not give space to other members to convene a public meeting. If this does occur, then everything decided in this meeting is not regarded as decisions of the Parliament. "The meeting with Emily de Jongh-Elhage, Pedro Atacho, Zita Jesus-Leito, Marilyn Alcala-Walle, Dennis Jackson, Magali Jacoba , Glenn Sulvaran, Malvina Cecilia, Anthony Godett, Humphrey Davelaar and Eugene Cleopa, according to Asjes  was "completely illegal and goes against the Constitution of Curaçao and the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Curaçao."

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