Published On: Mon, Nov 7th, 2016

Dos Santos: “Our association with Parlatino is not helping us with anything”

kdnt1WILLEMSTAD – “Many of the Members of Parliament are a disgrace. They all want to travel and visit Parlatino and they are so worried about their daily compensation. They only thing they care about is money in their pocket.” These are the words of the newly elected MP for Korsou di Nos Tur (UKdNT), Curaçao for us all, Amparo dos Santos.

According to Dos Santos, the MPs are not interested in the well-being of this island. Curaçao’s participation in the Latin American Parliament has no benefits for the island. “Curaçao has been part of the meetings for many years now. But I did not see more hotels, or ships, or more business for Curaçao from Parlatino. Why do we continue to participate? We want an end to this nonsense!”

The leader of the party tells his colleague MPs that this should stop. “Stop thinking about yourself. Maybe they don’t like me saying this but we shouldn’t participate in the Parlatino meetings. Deal with your own country first. When your country is doing well, then you can participate.”

Dos Santos clearly states that he nor his party will participate in the Parlatino meetings. They will focus more on the needs of the people on the island.

The Parlatino is a regional, permanent organization composed of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a consultative assembly similar to the early European Parliament. Currently, the institution is being considered to become the legislative organ of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

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