Published On: Tue, Nov 13th, 2018

Dr. Edwards gives his side of the story in case against Advent Hospital

adventist hospitalWILLEMSTAD - In a conversation with Curaçao Chronicle, Dr. Charles Edwards indicated that the previous information the reporters received in reference to him doing a number of Cesarean Sections that were prohibited is false.

The Dr. stated that all normal deliveries and Cesarean sections whether performed by midwives, house doctors or even specialists at the Advent Hospital were prohibited since the end of July 2013 by the Health Inspector as was mandated by the Curacao government. In fact, all Cesarean Sections were already prohibited from October 2012.

Dr. Edwards indicated that this issue in fact never came up in court and that is why he does not understand where the reporters got this information.

“The real reason why I took the Advent Hospital to court is that Ms. Panneflek who is the director of the hospital deliberately terminated my hospital admission privileges since August 1st, 2018 primarily because I refused to sign the new contract.”

“Ms. Panneflek deliberately kept me out of all the discussions and negotiations with the other members of the medical staff in setting up this contract simply because I had a lawsuit against the Advent which was on-going since 2013.”

The doctor further indicated that this lawsuit was, for the fourth time, won in the irreversible sentence handed down by the court last year on May 8, 2017 where Advent will incur a penalty of Naf 2.500,00 per day or part of the day up to a grand total of Naf 250.000,00 for interfering with the doctor or his patients, as long as it is not forbidden by the Health Inspector. The court also ordered Advent to admit the doctor according to his contract from June 24, 2005.

“In the new contract, Advent put in a clause that after signing this contract all previous contracts will no longer be valid. This of course means that the penalties imposed by the court will no longer be valid. Ms. Panneflek did not want to in a clause in the new contract, among other things, that states that the court's decision of May 8, 2017, will still be in force,” said Dr. Edwards.

“The problems I have with Ms. Panneflek must be something personal and has been on-going ever since she became the Interim Director of the Advent Hospital. She has been persistent in trying to get me to leave the hospital and go back to the United States of America where I specialized and worked for more than 26 years.”

Dr. Edwards wants to talk to reporters and give them a full account of his experience at the Advent hospital so that it is clear to all the mean-spirited behavior of Ms. Panneflek who gives the Advent Hospital and Adventist Community a very bad name.

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