Published On: Wed, May 3rd, 2017

During ‘About Legacy and Female Leadership’: Who will be the 12th Outstanding Woman?

WILLEMSTAD - While preparing the final details of the 14th Annual Women Conference in Curaçao on May 27 and 28, 2017, there is also the preparation for the announcement of the 2017 Outstanding Woman.
The intention behind this recognition is to continue writing our history showing who else contributed with distinguished work during her life  and career.
Doing this we are accentuating role models giving so a chance to girls and young women to understand how some people made a difference in their lives, influencing others and that she who is growing up now can also make a difference while following steps of those who went ahead.
This recognition is this year more special since the topic of the 14th Annual Women Conference is 'About Legacy and Female Leadership' and participants can refer to what this outstanding woman left or is leaving behind.

The first 11 Outstanding Women are:
2016 Sita Bernadina-Hek
2015 Grace Goede-Martina
2014 Rosalind Martina-Faneyte
2013 Crisma Henriquez Ramirez
2012 Maria Carmen Hellmund-Boom
2011 Jenny Fraai
2010 Thelma Brunings
2009 Lucina da Costa Gomez Mattheeuws
2008 Mila Palm
2007 Zelma 'Chèma' Maduro
2006  Nilda Juliana-Jansen

The criteria to select an Outstanding Woman as part of the Annual Women Conference in Curaçao is:
1. She must be from the Caribbean
2. She must be 60 years or older or passed away after her 60th birthday and
3. Her work and activities must have benefitted women and her community

This year's Outstanding Woman is selected from the nominations received during the passed years.

Please visit for more information about the Outstanding Women and registration for the 14th Annual Women Conference in Curaçao.


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