Published On: Thu, Dec 11th, 2014

EFACTOR Group Corp. Launches’s Social Network in Curaçao

Event Hosted at Licores Maduro Attended By Local Entrepreneurs and Minister of Economic Affairs & Tourism 

20141210_160958 (2)WILLEMSTAD - EFactor Group Corp. (OTCQB: EFCT) (“EFactor Group Corp.” or “the Company"), the owner of a group of entrepreneur-focused companies and, a niche social network providing content and resources for entrepreneurs worldwide,  announced the launch of its entrepreneurial social network on Curacao.  The event was invite only and held at Licores Maduro, the distributor and exclusive agent for the Caribbean island for a wide variety of brand-leading distilled beverages and mineral waters.  Among the attendees were  around 50 entrepreneurs and startup companies from the island nation, local personalities, members of the business and commerce organizations in Curacao and several board members of EFactor Group Corp.

The event initiated with a brief introduction video of EFactor, followed by an official welcome and short presentation of the Company by Ms. Shanny Sommer, Chapter Manager EFactor Curaçao.   Ms. Sommer commented, “We are excited to begin rolling out innovative ways for local entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, make new business connections and invest in the future of Curaçao.  We will focus on positioning Curaçao as a business hub and ensuring our local communities have the resources they need to carry out their mission.”

Mr. Mark Stanich, current board member at EFactor Group Corp. and previous CMO and President of American Express Inc.’s digital media group, addressed the audience about the importance of social networks for entrepreneurs, in which he mentioned some of the benefits has personally brought him over the years.   Adrie Reinders, CEO of EFactor Group Corp., informed attendees about EFactor’s current success in established metropolitan locations such as; New York, Miami, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong and Mumbai.  When asked to comment about his Company’s launch on Curaçao, Reinders responded, “We have started to receive a noticeable number of applications from the Caribbean region - mainly from Curaçao. We are really excited to witness a high interest in EFactor from Curacao’s entrepreneurs and we feel that the region’s startups would thrive with more professional support. We see a lot of potential in the area and we would like to help talented entrepreneurs with original ideas build successful companies.” Reinders concluded.

Another important guest was Mr. Stanley Palm, Curacao’s Minister of Economic Affairs & Tourism, who welcomed EFactor to Curaçao and who once again highlighted the importance of supporting Curaçao’s economic development. After closing remarks by Minister Palm, the launch event closed with all EFactor team members autographing a baseball in front of the media and guests. There was a surprising moment after everyone had signed the baseball when Minister Stanley Palm suddenly threw the ball.  This ‘first pitch’ was then caught by special guest Jonathan Scoop, a professional baseball from Curaçao and infielder for Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles.

Afterwards attendees networked with fellow business professionals and ambitious entrepreneurs, and discussed the ideas and plans presented.  EFactor Group Corp. added, “We are proud to count on the support of local companies and partners and look forward to establishing more strategic liaisons on the island.”

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