Published On: Fri, Jul 21st, 2017

Employees InselAir to meet on follow-up steps after no reaction management

Wendell-Meulen-UGTK-CADMUWILLEMSTAD - The employees of the local airline InselAir will meet this Monday to discuss the steps they will take if they do not hear from the management or the government. This is according to the Chairman of the trade unions UGTK/Cadmu, Wendel Meulens.

This week during a press conference, about 150 employees of the airline have said that they do not trust the management anymore. The Human Resources and Operations Departments have indicated that they do not have confidence in the top managers who are the director and the financial manager.

The group of employees is not happy with the way the company is being managed. They also have problems with the layoffs.

According to the union chairman, it has become difficult to manage the airline now that it no longer has the necessary support from the important departments.

Photo: Wendell Meulens

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