Published On: Mon, Nov 21st, 2016

ENNIA launches multilingual Zika brochure containing many tips for prevention

fb-ennia_851x315-engWILLEMSTAD - This week, ENNIA is publishing a brochure about Zika containing the latest information about the virus, as well as numerous great tips for prevention. The colorful and easy-to-read brochure can be downloaded in four languages from the ENNIA website. It is also being distributed for free, while supplies last, at all ENNIA offices.

“As an insurance company, we decided to expand our services a few years ago to include providing preventative tools to the members of our communities, by educating them on prevention”, says Gilbert Martina, Senior Managing Director at ENNIA. “Besides our free PreventNow seminars, which draw hundreds of participants every year, we are also very active on social media with lots of helpful tips for prevention.” ENNIA regularly distributes information regarding prevention by publishing handbooks and brochures that inform civilians on how to deal with a multitude of disasters, damages, and dangers. Besides the popular “Hurricane Manual”, ENNIA will now be distributing a Zika brochure for all residents of the Dutch Caribbean, available in Dutch, English, Papiamentu and Papiamento.

According to Mr. Martina: “The Zika virus is now also active in the Caribbean, and can even cause great harm tofoto-zika-preventie-handboeken unborn children if a pregnant woman is infected. Our brochure discusses the causes, symptoms, and consequences of the Zika virus across the world, but in particular pertaining to the Dutch Caribbean. Because a Zika vaccine hasn’t been developed yet, prevention is still the best medicine. This is why the Zika brochure contains numerous tips for avoiding the spread of Zika. This allows civilians to take preventative measures in and around their home to help prevent their family members from being infected with the Zika virus.”

The Zika brochure is available for free at all ENNIA offices, or can be downloaded at

In the near future, ENNIA will also make a series of Zika lesson materials available for schools. This series, containing modern and relevant lesson plans, can be used for the lower grades of primary school, and can be downloaded at

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