Published On: Fri, Dec 20th, 2013

Fewer civil servants

Government centerWILLEMSTAD - Between the months of April and September of this year, the number of civil servants working for country Curaçao dropped from 3,635 to 3,611, a decrease of 24.

Over the same period, the number of employees on the payroll of the government increased with 32, an increase of 4,588 to 4,620.

This is according to figures released by the Department of Government Policy, Planning and Services (BPD) to the local media.

In accordance with the currently applicable Island Decree Publication Policy Information Curaçao the government should publish its staff data each month. That does not always happen is evidenced by the fact that the Ministry of BPD at has sent the personnel records of five months at one time. The overview shows that there were 3,635 officers in late April of this year.

In late May, this number fell to 3,631, a decrease of four. In June, it stayed at 3631. In July, the decline continued and went to 3624. In August, there was again talk of a decrease, it went down to 3,611. This total was retained until late September.

Over the whole period, there was an increase in people on the government’s payroll. These officials are, next to teachers, members of the Navy and conscripts , Ambulance (FKA ) and others, including trainees, and interns. In late April, there were 4,588 people on the payroll of the government. In late May this had risen to 4,610.

In June it decreased slightly to 4,604. The same still applied in late August. In August there was a decline and it went to 4552, and once again there was an increase in September, to 4,620.

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