Published On: Mon, Jan 29th, 2018

Flight schedule InselAir experienced serious disruptions in the past few days

InselAir MDIWILLEMSTAD - Last Friday, the Curacao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) provided feedback to the management of InselAir of the inspections carried out by CBA at InselAir during the past two weeks.

The inspection was carried out by and under the responsibility of the CCAA in cooperation with the colleagues from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (Netherlands).

The findings were shared with the management of InselAir and the coming weeks will be worked out in collaboration with InselAir to solve the findings.

As part of the inspections, among other things, the Fokker 50 aircraft were examined. The findings of one of the aircraft could soon be resolved so that it can be used again for commercial operations.

The second Fokker 50, for which a part is on order, is expected to be available again in the short term, after CCAA has been able to establish that these findings have also been properly resolved.

InselAir remains under supervision of CCAA for the time being. In connection with the failure of one of the aircraft and the simultaneous planned inspection of the other aircraft, the flight schedule of InselAir has experienced serious disruptions in the past few days. These have been solved as far as possible with the help of other companies. As of last weekend, the device released after inspection (KVN) is operational again and flights to and from Aruba and Bonaire are still being carried out.

Saturday's flight schedule were adjusted in connection with planned maintenance work. Passengers were informed about adapted departure times.

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