Published On: Tue, Sep 26th, 2017

Foko: Moses wants to hide diversity

a Mario Kleinmoedig voor Casa Rosada 060710 (foto RR)WILLEMSTAD - Member of Parliament Marilyn Moses is poorly informed and distributes incorrect information. This is according to Mario Kleinmoedig of FOKO. FOKO is the organization that represents the LGBT community in Curaçao.

The leader of the Progressive Movement (Movementu Progresivo) said yesterday that the Gay Pride and the Parade do not belong in the Curaçao community because sexual preference is something more intimate and not to be shown in a parade.

The MP also indicated that there is no hetero pride or a parade to celebrate being hetero.

According to Kleinmoedig, hiding diversity is a part of the culture on the island that the Member of Parliament wants to maintain. There is no hetero pride or parade because people that are hetero do not have to hide, said the FOKO leader.

This coming Thursday will be the gay pride parade in downtown Willemstad.


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