Published On: Thu, Aug 21st, 2014

Food Court Sambil with natural light

Innovations used in roof construction

Sambil roof 3 August 20 2014 (1024x768)WILLEMSTAD – In about 7 months, the official grand opening is planned for the large shopping and entertainment complex Sambil Curaçao. Currently, all separate, partly transparent roof of this building is being finalized.

Directly above the spot in the middle of this huge complex, where later the Food Court of 1800 m2 will rise and where over 26 diverse venues will provide drinks and food such as pizza, sushi, wok, chicken, meat, etc., is a high roof constructed, which is largely transparent. The transparent parts are made of canvas or panels that let light in, but keep the heat out. The air between the panels made out of Teflon ensures for a natural diffused light without shadows. In the evening, the interior lights provide, through the membrane roof, a beautiful view of the sky by clear weather. Innovative application of new sustainable materials was used to build this roof. These materials are also easy to clean and maintain and are economical in power consumption.

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