Published On: Fri, Oct 26th, 2012

Formation Process new Curacao Government officially started

WILLEMSTAD – Lawyer and former politician Glenn Camelia will examine the possibilities which parties could form a government on Curaçao. Acting Governor of Curaçao, Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede requested him on Thursday (local time).

Important points of action are the improvement of education, the poor financial situation, tackling crime, reforming the health sector and also the construction of a new hospital. The information assignment for Camelia further implies that a new government must work to "bring stability and peace in society, as well as broad-based parliamentary support in the government that contributes and is based on mutual respect."

Furthermore, a new cabinet must have a vision for the future and the further development of the (political) relationship between Curaçao and the other countries in the Kingdom. Camelia has accepted the assignment and will report by November 5, 2012. The political parties Pueblo Soberano of Helmin Wiels, MFK of Gerrit Schotte and MAN with Charles Cooper signed the willingness statement to form a coalition. The three parties, headed by Gerrit Schotte, formed the previous government in the past two years.

In the media
In local media several names of possible candidate ministers circulate, however no formal press release confirmed these rumors.

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