Published On: Tue, Feb 20th, 2018

Former Central Bank President initiates another legal proceeding against former employer

TrompWILLEMSTAD - The lawyer of the former President of the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS) Emsley Tromp, Mirto Murray has initiated another legal proceeding related to the ruling on the case in the Court of First Instance. In this case, Tromp had demanded to receive three months salary without subtracting costs. Tromp also demanded an end of year bonus of 500,000 guilders.

The Court of First Instance rejected these demands against the CBCS. Initially, CBCS agreed with Tromp, relating to his dismissal, that he will receive three months’ salary. But CBCS subtracted legal and consultancy fees which were paid to Tromp in the past. These costs are related to the case against Tromp last year called Saffir.

The judge ruled that CBCS was in its right to deduct the costs incurred during Tomp’s case from his salary. The court also indicated that Tromp could not base his demand on a letter from the former interim president, Jerry Hasselmeyer. In this letter, Hasselmeyer says that after all the legal proceedings against Tromp is over, CBCS will evaluate whether Tromp must repay these expenses. The judge said that Tromp should have known that Hasselmeyer was not authorized to make these types of agreements.

The court did not honor Tromp’s request for a bonus of 500,000 guilders (283,000 US dollars) either. Because there was not enough evidence to show that Tromp has the right to receive this bonus. The judge also said that there are too many open questions which cannot be treated in a summary judgment. The current case filed by Tromp’s lawyer is to answer these questions.

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